Using Semantic Wiki for agriculture content Management system

In the increasing interest in the Semantic Web, more and more Semantic Web applications are being developed everyday. Simplicity and user friendless for end users are main issues for semantic web application so that people who have IT skills can use it. We have been using wiki encyclopedia from 1995 for content management, collaborative authoring, information sharing and its getting popular day by day as it is very easy for creating and editing content for layman.

Now wiki has been upgraded with new extension : Semantic wiki , enabling semantic annotations to simple wiki text. It uses a simple RDF syntax to write labeled links between different concept and topics that may provide as easy to use and flexible environment for an integrated management of content and metadata which may be as useful for frivolous knowledge management.

On the other hand, in the context of collaboration authoring on the web, semantic wiki can be used as and editor of metadata for available information which the extra information about the content available on wiki.
As we have common defined vocabulary for agriculture domain, the system could be useful in different language and retrieving relevant information on web. As Wiki has proven itself to be a simple and user-friendly interface and useful tool for collaborative content management, semantic wiki can add value to collaborative writing by adding more annotations between the content.

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