News channels only talking about BAD news!!!!!!!!!

Every evening when I switched on my TV to for latest news, I always get information about accidents, rap, robbery, murder or other depressing nonsense stuff. I never listen any good news like India has achieved something or something related to development. Day before yesterday I have seen that one polio affected girl got 50th rank in CPMT exam. I was very happy and bit surprise that why this news channel is telecasting that program?

Afterwards I came to know that it was not about girl’s struggle and achievement, she didn’t got the admission in a medical college and that’s why that news channel got opportunity to blame the university people and a hot news for there audience.

So if you watch news channel continuously for 3 or 4 hr than you must feel that only bad things are going in this world and finally you will be afraid of watching news.

But never mind, one can watch the TV but only if he or she has the capacity of bearing Ekta kapoor’s SAAS BAHU serials

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