SWAGAT (State-Wide Attention on public Grievance by Application of Technology) in Gujarat State, India

i am sharing case study on SWAGAT prepared during PG period


e-Governance applications in the recent past have demonstrated the important role the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play in the dominion of rural and urban development. Several e-Governance projects have attempted to improve the reach, enhance the base, minimize the processing costs, increase transparency, and reduce the cycle times. Gujrat states have initiated the creation of GSWAN(Gujarat state wide area network) and State Wide Area Networks (SWAN) to facilitate electronic access of the state and district administration services to the citizens in Gujarat. SWAGAT (state wide attention on grievance by the application of new technology)is a combination of digital management and GSWAN technology to make public grievance system transparent, accountable and responsive for both side. It makes the travel of the grievance instant and the system below is sensitized and held accountable. Hon'ble CM of Gujarat, Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated the program on April 24th 2003 at State Secretariat, Gandhinagar. This paper presents a brief view of the project in which focus will be on services, ICT applications, technologies used.

find full case study on VASATWiki

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