Testing topic map software’s for browsing and publishing

As we all know that we have so many open software for topic map authoring and editing but very few of them could be used for browsing. I have found new software for authoring and publishing topic map i.e. OKS knowledge suit. This is a free downloadable package, contains three features ontoply, omnigator and vizigator could be useful for different purposes. One can download the full package and test it but for making available publicly one has to buy the license.Oks knowledge suit have three main features ontoply ,omnigator and vizigator , which is used for different sort of purposes.

Generally Ontoply is used for Building and managing ontologies and topic map content while onmigator and vizigator could be used for editing, browsing and viewing topic map graphically. The topicmap could be browse and navigated on omnigator and the most unique feature of omnigator is that it allows to load and navigate any conforming topic map, whether its format be XTM, HyTM, LTM – or even RDF. I have tested the same software for topic map creation, editing and browsing.

According to my experience it can be a good tool for topic map end users but same time a question arises in mind is that is this OKS knowledge suit is end of the world? Or is there any other way to reach to topic map driven portal like tm4j.

Lets try that and see which one is best!!

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