What is god for me

For me…… god is someone who is always there for me…..in the better or worse.. God scars me when I dare to think badly about anyone or anything….. he is there to judge me When I am about to fall he will catch me…… he will hold me like a child Nothing bad can happen to me because ……. he is saviour Each time I pray …I feel he is sitting into my heart… Don’t know his name because I see him everywhere ….temple, gurudwara, mosque, church everywhere .. I think of him when I listens love song…I blame him when i cry ...i think of him like mad love… Actually for me GOD is every relation I felt in my life. He is in all feeling .. Some time I have almost decided to die to meet him because people say after death one can meet GOD….i want to meet you god really ….please come to meet me plzzz

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