What to do

Got various type of experience in 2012 some were good and rest I will not say bad becoz at last I learnt something. Some people get mature with age and some gets maturity from experience .
Like me :) but let me tell you one thing .. Learning from experience is very painfull really.... So Sunday evening 8.00 writing this on Phone ... Sleeping in the dark . What happen ..
Actually I m very scarred becoz from past few day things are not going into right direction and I m not able to control . But now I can't let things .really !! Got to do something n may be that's why I am writing this ... Which dosnt make any sense but that also I m writing.. Lets share some nice thing.. I started learning piano .. Shich so far is going fine n I m enjoying.. Need to do something else ... First I need to finish some pending work .. Not the household defiantly .. Becoz that all ways be there n do some else ... Let me go out n find out..

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Pritpalkaur said...

This is stupid but some time one can feel stupid n write nnn that's what I m doing