“surname” mai kya raha hai

Ever since I joined job I never felt interest to writing a blog but today I want to write it because I read something very interesting and want to share it. It was about changing surname after marriage and let me tell you specifically, it is about “GIRLS” changing surname after marriage. This is fashion in india that after wedding, girl is supposed to change surname and should adept husband surname or family name.i think it should be on choice mean if you want than you can otherwise no need. Same thing asked twinkle Khanna and she said I married not branded.
Love the way she used word to say that
I am not being feminist here but I think it should be on choice rather than must do it kind of custom. its also depended on person that how they react towards it because I know some ladies who are happy to change not only there surname but also their name after marriage. So to all women “surname” mai kya raha hai (what is there in surname)

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