I want to meet God. :)

Its been so long.........
I have been looking someone to share my feelings as I was feeling so lonely really. Today one idea popup in mind that I have blog to talk… really!!!!
Yesterday I saw a movie dharamsankart mai. It was good movie. I like the idea of that movie.
I use to believe religion is nothing but a place, a feeling which gives peace to person and according to me it doesn’t come from brought up or by birth.it is a feeling from heart. Day before yesterday I got thinking that I want to meet God. :)
Someone might ask me why!!!!!!!!!!!!
 than my answer is i just want to meet for nothing.

Then I started thinking should I ask something like some gift like happiness, money , life , health etc. my mind says yes one has to ask because that we have seen in movies , read in stories. But my heart says nothing  I just want to meet god once for a hug or meeting because i want to see him 

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