I think we all are selfish and always see our comforts

We always say that “we are educated and know enough about our responsibility for private and public goods” but actually this is not true”.
We were coming back from my home town and traveling by local train from hyderabad to linggmpali. We climbed in the ladies coach so that we can get place for sitting but actually there were more men then general coach. My friend didn’t get seat and in front of us one couple was sitting. She requested to guy to leave the place for her because it was ladies coach.
He was about to leave the seat but suddenly his wife started shouting on us by saying that “so many men are sitting here so you ask all of them first”. She was talking in English and looking well educated women but the way she was reacting was totally offensive and bad.

You know some time we say that if our 95% of population will be well educated then it will bring great positive change in our country development which is not really true.
Really doesn’t matter how much we are educated but the important thing is how much you are aware of your duty and country development. We always see our comforts first and according to that only we do respond which shows our selfish attitude.
I am writing this blog and it may be possible that some time I also do that kind of things but then also I want to say that “we should try our top best to maintain discipline for publics property and services.

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SkeletalMesh ( KC ) said...

You should reply.. "Oh yeah.. there are more than one morons here. But we've chosen to start with your man. So please.... "