Now anyone can edit semantic wikipedia in fraction of second.

i have been working with semantic wiki from last few month for information and knowledge management and sharing on web and realized it can add great value to present content management system. we all knows about wikipedia for its ease of collaboratively content authoring, editing and sharing and that’s why it getting popular day by day as we can see the increasing number of article available on wiki pedia (2,098,749 articles in English, 2007).
Now wikipedia is provided with semantic extensions which enable semantics annotation between wikipedia articles, provide facility of contextual navigation, browsing and search. But to enable the semantic annotation for wikipedia content one has to write single line code and normally people don’t bother about complicated editing, writing.
To encourage people for semantic annotation there was strong need for an editor which can provide the facility of automatically annotating semantics in wikipedia content. To get ride of all mentioned problem now Wikipedia is provided with an extension called “Halo” which primarily facilitates content editing through online editor and also provide the interface to browse ontology available on wikipedia. It also provide other facility like query based search, Auto completion of annotation, different types of relation are given.

Find detail of halo extension http://ontoworld.org/wiki/Halo_Extension_Features

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Anonymous said...

I've installed SemanticMedia Wiki and the HALO extension, and the folks which developed it have been extremely helpful. I am missing, however, the off-the-shelf functionality of a reasoner to check consistency and to perform inference.