Bind to JSON to test Ignite UI with Phone gap app

Below I have mentioned testing regarding calling web service from phone app conducted yesterday to outcome .


·         Bind to JSON to test Ignite UI with Phone gap app: I have developed app using Ignite IU and deployed on tablet. This experiment I have done in starting to know whether Ignite UI works with phone gap app. The phone gap app is case sensitive so now we can display the data on phone gap using Ignite UI.

·         Bind to rest service: for this experiment I have developed phone gap using Ignite UI and bound to Ignite UI web services given for experiment (http://labs.infragistics.com/igniteui/api/customers?callback=?).

o   Result : when I open the web page using local, it takes a whiles to load data. I have deployed the same application on tablet it shows the waiting option only.



Suggestion : For experiment we can try mobile services on phone gap app since they provide html app which can later wrapped with phone gap and can be used various platform  
Link http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/get-started-html/

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