Few best day of my life i want to document so that i will never ever forget

Got job in Bank:

I always underestimated myself, thinking i don’t deserve any good things. My husband is the person who always put ideas in my mind. He said one day it would be great if you get job in bank. I just smiled thinking its not at all possible then something happen. After few day i got interview with one of leading bank. Interview went okay but i didn’t got the job. After that i was very sad but i decided that this time i will get job in bank only.

That special came into my life. Evening time i was doing some exercise then one consultant called and said that my profile was selected for job interview with bank. I prepared for interview nicely in the morning. I remember i didn’t give my husband breakfast properly. Evening i went for interview with hardy. It was good and actually enjoyed the discussion with hardy.

Anyways in the evening, we both were having  dinner at subways then my consultant called and gave me news saying that i am selected. I was very happy

Got good news

28 oct 2014 Tuesday we went for blood test and went for office. Nurse told us that she will be giving the test result at  11 – 11.30 am. So we both went to office and i reached their nurse called me and informed about my pregnancy. I was feeling very nervous and sat down and had glass of water. Then i called my husband and informed him and the first word he said “really”. Then i called my sisters and friend. It was very very special. I wrote this that i can read this again n again and feel very happy n special


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